SiriusDecisions unveils new report on social media intelligence platforms

SiriusDecisionsSiriusDecisions, a business-to-business research and advisory firm, announced on Nov. 6 the launch of its new SiriusView: Social Media Intelligence 2015 report, a cutting-edge report comparing leading vendors within the b-to-b social media intelligence (SMI) space.

“Selecting the right tool for your enterprise’s social intelligence needs is critical to unlock the business value of social activities by accessing, integrating and analyzing social data”

As the number of social media sites and user adoption has exploded over the years, social media intelligence tools are becoming a key enabler for businesses looking to exploit the potential value of social media. These tools help automate the monitoring and analysis of social media data, while providing workflow and response management capabilities.

But, b-to-b organizations are still not confident in the SMI tools available to them and don’t feel well-equipped to make sense of the social signals that buyers, customers, influencers, and even competitors are putting out over social media. SiriusDecisions has found that while 60 percent of b-to-b organizations have a paid social media intelligence tool in place, 30 percent are actively seeking alternative options. Other key statistics regarding social media intelligence include:

  •   Only 15 percent of businesses feel confident that they are using their social media intelligence tools optimally;
  • 95 percent of businesses have corporate social media accounts, but only 10 percent feel they are able to articulate the business value of social execution;
  • 98 percent are using the tool to monitor their brand in the marketplace, but only 13 percent are using the tool to gather competitive and market intelligence;
  • Just 25 percent of companies are using the tool for measurement purposes.

The ability to integrate social media intelligence with other contact and account data will be a key differentiator for b-to-b organizations now and in the future. SiriusDecisions provides a technology and market overview within the report to define what customers should consider when evaluating SMI solutions.