SAIC launches CloudScend

Science Applications International Corp.(SAIC) of Reston, VA announced on July 14 the launch of CloudScend, a cohesive solution of integrated platform automation tools, security protocols and processes to help federal agencies plan for and accelerate the migration of large-scale workloads to the cloud and innovate further once they’re there.

CloudScend leverages SAIC’s deep experience in helping government organizations obtain the benefits of the cloud to determine the best way to prioritize the migration of strategic workloads. The comprehensive framework enables agencies to map requirements to mission needs and achieve a clear view of their path to the cloud with detailed insights and a proven methodology.

“Bold moves require confident blueprints, and nowhere is that more true than when speaking of transitioning to the cloud,” said Sanjay Sardar, senior vice president, digital transformation and IT modernization, SAIC. “The CloudScend solution helps federal customers quickly and securely migrate large-scale workloads and future-proof cloud environments to incorporate new waves of emerging technologies.”

CloudScend incorporates a wide range of security controls and automated processes, so agencies can seamlessly migrate systems and applications while monitoring the health of code and team performance at every step. With CloudScend, federal customers can flexibly apply continuous modernization practices to meet evolving mission requirements.

CloudScend, designed with five key phases, offers a consistent repeatable approach to cloud migration – customized to meet the unique needs of government organizations regardless of where they are in their modernization journey.

CloudScend provides the tools to help government organizations with enterprise-level planning and migration, zero trust security with automated processes, and multi-cloud capability – all adaptable to evolving mission needs and tailorable to unique agency requirements.

Source: SAIC