Siren releases Siren 13.4

On September 26, Ireland-based Siren, the all-in-one investigation platform company, on a mission to keep people, assets and networks safe, announced details of a new patent and the release of Siren 13.4.

Dr. Renaud Delbru, co-founder and chief scientific officer at Siren, said, “Our most recent patent stands out as a one-of-a-kind offering in the market, reaffirming our commitment to innovation. Speed and scale are pivotal in so many critical investigations, I am particularly pleased that our technology, and specifically Siren 13.4, is making an increasing impact in public safety and law enforcement globally.”

Siren’s new patent pending technology allows analysts to conduct larger searches faster, and without the need for additional IT systems or processing power. The new analytics capability has boosted Siren’s overall performance, providing accelerated data retrieval and enhanced analysis capability for analysts.

The ‘join operation’ is a critical function within a database system, enabling the correlation and retrieval of data from two distinct datasets, using a shared attribute or relation. Traditionally this “joining” process can prove challenging and resource intense. Siren’s new join addresses the problem by introducing an intelligent approach to partitioning data records prior to executing the join operation.

What sets this approach apart is its innovative data organization. It effectively removes excessive network costs and inefficiencies by reducing data record duplication and optimizing the data exchange phase of the join operation.

When it comes to practical application, Siren 13.4 and the new join provide immediate benefits across a spectrum of scenarios using large scale, distributed datasets like social media data, high volume financial transaction data, or detailed scientific research data, according to the company.

Source: Siren

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