Siren introduces Automation

On June 12, Ireland-based Siren announced the release of the latest version of its software. From a single lead, Siren 14.2 presents investigators with a pre-built intelligence graph, dramatically speeding up the investigation process. It automatically makes complex connections from large volumes of disparate data, surfacing previously inaccessible intelligence and improving effectiveness.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, said, “This release is absolutely huge for our users. Analysts who found knowledge graphs a challenge in the past can now have one built for them. The capability automatically maximizes the intelligence scope so is a massive improvement in terms of effectiveness, for even the most experienced investigator.”

Jeferson Zanim, chief product officer, added, “We’ve introduced some important collaboration tools in 14.2 and improved intelligence products. Siren can now produce link chart reports to be used as evidence, which is something our customers have been requesting. Now users can complete the full investigation from a single location.”

The evolution of technology, and specifically AI, is dramatically increasing the pace and complexity of criminal activities. Cyber attacks, digital IP theft and online child exploitation are just a few offenses that can occur within moments, and across international borders, causing widespread damage before traditional methods can respond. Siren addresses this ongoing challenge in 14.2, enabling users to dramatically speed up their investigations, discover untapped intelligence and share reports that can now also be used as official evidence.

By simplifying the transition from search to investigation, Siren 14.2 enables law enforcement to respond quickly. From a single search result, Siren can now automate the creation of a full graph investigation, ensuring that all relevant connections and relationships are correctly mapped. This comprehensive overview is crucial in understanding the broader context of criminal activities. Siren takes a leadership role on behalf of the investigator, and maximizes intelligence across datasets, removing the need to rely on the intuition of the user. This not only increases the scope of evidence and the precision of an investigation, but also optimizes the productivity of the team.

Siren 14.2 introduces a facilitated collaboration workflow that caters to the diverse needs of investigative teams. Users now have the option to work in separate private and shared spaces. This separation ensures that individual investigators can work on sensitive aspects of an investigation privately, while still being able to collaborate with colleagues when necessary. The new ability to share the investigation across teams removes unnecessary friction and promotes further efficiencies.

Source: Siren

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