Rancher Government launches Harvester initiative

Responding to market demand, Rancher Government announced on June 10 that it has launched a coordinated initiative to help customers use Harvester, its modern hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offering, as an alternative to legacy systems like VMware’s vSphere and VCF. This initiative addresses the compounding challenges faced by government IT departments due to high operational costs, inefficiencies, and limited scalability inherent in traditional infrastructures.

Legacy systems, which are not cloud-native, can become bottlenecks for government organizations striving to remain agile and responsive. The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom also introduced new uncertainties around functionality, procurement paths, and pricing. These systems often lead to escalating costs, operational inefficiencies, lack of flexibility, and forced obsolescence, all of which compromise scalability, interoperability, and agility.

Rancher Government’s Harvester offers a transformative alternative to legacy systems. Harvester is a state-of-the-art HCI solution designed to run containers and virtual machines under a unified management framework, utilizing Kubernetes as the orchestrator and lifecycle management platform. It integrates all infrastructure services, including block storage, software-defined networking, load-balancing, and vGPU, into an open-source product decoupled from hardware dependencies.

“Harvester is such a runaway hit across our federal customer base,” said Tricia Fitzmaurice, VP of sales at Rancher Government. “We are seeing increasingly large interest from civilian customers who want to take something that’s been proven successful and bring that experience, functionality, and capability to migrating legacy IT systems as an alternative to VMware. We want to help our clients evaluate their current stack and chart a new, more modern virtualization future that incorporates containers and Kubernetes alongside VMs in the data center, cloud, and out at the edge.”

“With tightening federal IT budgets and rapidly evolving technology, ensuring your systems are future-proof is essential for maintaining mission agility,” according to Brandon Gulla, VP and Chief Technology Officer at Rancher Government. “Organizations face a critical decision: cut costs or modernize. With Harvester, you no longer have to choose,” added Gulla. “Harvester empowers organizations to sustain their missions using legacy VMs while seamlessly advancing their container modernization strategy within a secure, unified computing platform. Additionally, Harvester’s open API and standardization facilitate hybrid and multi-cloud migrations, providing even greater flexibility and scalability, whether you’re transitioning away from a legacy VM provider or adopting a multi-cloud strategy.”

Source: Rancher Government

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