SDL Government opens office in Herndon, VA, to offer ‘Big Language’ solutions

SDL Big LanguageSDL Government announced on January 28 the opening of its new facility, dedicated to providing government agencies with secure on-premise Big Language solutions to translate massive amounts of Big Data quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

The volume, velocity and variety of Big Data, multiplied by the number of languages it spans, have transformed government Big Data challenges into government Big Language challenges. As a result, the amount of data that must be translated in near-real time has grown exponentially, making it difficult to translate even a fraction of the content without computer-assisted translation tools.

Located in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, the new SDL Government office at Dulles Corner in Herndon, VA, will bring SDL Government’s language technology product and service solutions closer to government agencies. A cadre of cleared language scientists, technologists, software developers, technicians and program managers who specialize in delivering innovative solutions for government Big Language challenges, staffs the office.

The SDL Government core offerings include:

  • COTS Machine Translation, Management and Productivity Software;
  • Custom Product Development/R&D;
  • Rapid Development of Custom Language Domains/New Language Pairs.

SDL Government’s new CEO and Chairman, Melchior Baltazar, is leading the innovation charge at the company’s new office. He brings a track record of success to SDL Government. In the national security sector, he provides the access and knowledge to navigate an otherwise closed and misunderstood market. His deep domain knowledge of the DoD and national security markets, the government procurement process, and extensive relationships with key industry decision makers, will help the company drive new use cases for their established products and services.

Baltazar is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Staff Judge Advocate General (JAG), corporate attorney, entrepreneur, and senior business executive. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and is the author of several industry articles. He received his B.A., M.A. and J.D. from the University of Virginia.

“SDL Government’s move to Dulles Corner enables us to rapidly support our U.S. Government constituencies with technical expertise from cleared U.S. citizens, when facing the challenges of Big Language translation,” said Baltazar. “Our Government Language Platform (GLP) and related services will help intelligence operatives, special operations personnel and law enforcement professionals analyze more language data faster and more securely than ever before. We deploy our solutions on-premise, behind the agency’s firewall, making our solution the most secure on the market.”

The SDL Government Language Platform (GLP) is an integrated set of mature, secure, scalable and cost-effective software language technologies, which include translator productivity tools, workflow management, and statistical machine translation. The GLP enables customers to reduce existing translation spend by up to 40%, decrease production times by as much as 50%, and significantly accelerate translation time for mission critical tasks.

The GLP consists of the following components:

  • Language Weaver Enterprise Translation Server-Government (ETS-G) — scalable, secure on-premise statistical machine translation enterprise technology;
  • World Server-Government (WS-G) — linguistic management solution that consists of translation memory, terminology management, content integration and workflow modules;
  • Trados Studio-Government (TS-G) — translation desktop productivity suite for translating, editing, reviewing and managing translation projects off-line.

Beyond their technology and solutions, the SDL Government Dulles Corner office will provide agencies with highly-qualified cleared staff to perform best-of-breed research & development, consulting and deployment services.