Rsignia Inc. announces strategic partnership with the Research Associates of Syracuse

Rsignia 112Rsignia Inc. of Columbia, MD announced on April 22 that it has entered into a formal partnership with the Research Associates of Syracuse (RAS), formalizing collaborative efforts on a broad range of research and business development opportunities across the cyber security marketplace.

RAS, which is based in Central New York, has made significant developments in Electronic Warfare and Electronic Intelligence for over 25 years and has experience in algorithm, software and firmware development for signal detection. This newly signed agreement provides Rsignia and RAS a foundation to jointly pursue ventures in data collection and analysis, as well as signal processing efforts in support of the government war fighter.

Rsignia provides cyber security solutions and services, to include detection, mitigation, countermeasures, and forensics. In support of National Cyber Security Initiatives, Rsignia is developing next generation cyber and forward thinking capabilities available to the marketplace today. As a mission and engineering-driven company,its goal is to provide purpose-built cyber security solutions that proactively defend against potential threats and provide maximum data and network security to address those threats. Its continuing research and development efforts in behavioral analysis and modeled intelligence have great potential to become a ubiquitous security model in the cyber security domain, the company says.

Source: Rsignia Inc.