root9B and OSIsoft partner to enhance Industrial Control System (ICS) security

root9B 112root9B, a root9B Technologies Company, a Colorado Springs, CO-based provider of advanced cybersecurity services and training for commercial and government clients announced on August 24 a new partnership with OSIsoft, a global leader in operational intelligence, to provide government and commercial customers with proactive cyber defense capabilities, threat intelligence, and advanced services for Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

“Everyone understands that network attacks are more prevalent than ever. But the truth is that ICS are increasingly vulnerable as well. Over the past several years many malware strands have been released and were maliciously designed to attack and damage Operational Technology (OT), ICS equipment and property,” said Mike Morris, Chief Technology Officer at root9B. “Our business depends on our ability to provide services, technology, and intelligence to mitigate threats against government agency critical infrastructure today and tomorrow. By leveraging OSIsoft’s operational intelligence software, our security professionals are equipped to identify and thwart sophisticated attacks on operational devices and assets, like SCADA systems.”

root9B has proven expertise in providing federal and commercial clients with advanced technology solutions for cybersecurity operations. Its capabilities include Active Adversary Pursuit (HUNT) operations, Network Defense Operations, Vulnerability Assessments, Malware Analysis, Incident Response, and Mobile Cyber Protection.

root9B will also leverage its 24/7 Adversary Pursuit Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado to provide manned security services and proactive threat intelligence services to government and commercial customers and infrastructure. It will also manage cyber events to include both Information and Operational Technology networks in response to modern tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries to target and exploit critical infrastructure networks.

For over 30 years, OSIsoft’s PI System, an open, scalable infrastructure for collecting, processing, exploiting, and disseminating sensor-based data, has been relied upon by diverse industries within the U.S. national and global critical infrastructures such as energy, power, and oil & gas. For the past several years, OSIsoft has also been providing its solution within the Federal Government. The PI System provides operational visibility into those ever increasing complex environments where IT and OT data systems’ health and security are the most critical. Centralized read-only access to a complex diversity of digital information and real-time alerts enables the PI System to be utilized as an abstraction layer that monitors critical facilities for cyber-attack, as well as isolate reporting systems as a point of weakness.

“We are pleased that root9B is leveraging OSIsoft’s technology to provide government agencies and commercial entities with innovative services to combat threats that have evaded standard Cyber/IT and Physical Security through the years,” said Paul Geraci, OSIsoft Senior Director for Intelligence and National Security Programs. “The enhanced operational intelligence provided by OSIsoft’s PI System, along with root9B’s knowledge and expertise, will allow government and commercial entities to leverage contextual, real-time operational data that’s proven effective and efficient in the majority of our nation’s critical infrastructure assets and industrial data centers – both within the government and private sectors.”

Source: root9B