Polaris Alpha acquires Solidyn Solutions

Polaris Alpha of Colorado Springs, CO announced on October 2 that it is acquiring Solidyn Solutions, based in Denver, CO.  The acquisition enhances Polaris Alpha’s expertise in developing space-based solutions across a number of critical programs in the national security community.   Solidyn Solutions has long focused on providing high quality engineering talent and cloud solutions to customers in the defense and Intelligence Communities.

The acquisition formally closed on September 27, 2017.  Terms of the acquisition are not being released.

Since it was founded in 2004, Solidyn Solutions has enjoyed consistent growth, while specializing in innovative, mission-focused solutions for its customers. These solutions include satellite mission management, command and control systems, virtualization and cloud computing, information assurance, and large-scale data processing systems.

“This acquisition enables Polaris Alpha to significantly strengthen its reach in the space and C4ISR markets for military and intelligence customers,” said Peter Cannito, CEO, Polaris Alpha.  “Solidyn Solutions is deeply embedded within the Intelligence Community, one of our main areas of focus, and will enhance our relationship with our customers in that domain.”

“We are extremely excited to become part of the Polaris Alpha team,” said Michael Pearson, co-owner, president, Solidyn Solutions.  “The acquisition allows us to continue to fulfill our mission of providing high quality engineering talent to our customers, while also expanding our capabilities and reach through Polaris Alpha’s network of talent and resources.”

“Solidyn Solutions has quietly become one of the leading providers of engineering services for customers on classified contracts, an area that requires an unwavering commitment to customer service and security,” said Jay Jesse, president, Polaris Alpha.  “With more than 90 percent of its workforce holding high-level security clearances, Solidyn Solutions is a key piece to build upon Polaris Alpha’s continued expansion in the space and intelligence markets.”

“The acquisition will enable us to provide our customers with a broadly expanded offering of technology and services under the Polaris Alpha umbrella,” said J. Andrew Marshall, co-owner, vice president, Solidyn Solutions.  “Polaris Alpha has quickly become one of the leading technology providers in the defense contracting space, and we are excited to become part of such a fast-growing team, while also providing our customers with the best products and services that we possibly can.  It is a transaction in which everyone wins.”

Pearson and Marshall will become part of the executive management team of Polaris.  Each will be senior vice president within the Mission Solutions Business Unit of Polaris Alpha.

Source: Polaris Alpha