Plasan and Atech help Brazilian Federal Police fight organized crime

Brazil Federal Police The Brazilian Federal Police has selected a consortium of Plasan Sasa and Atech, an Embraer Defense & Security subsidiary, to supply a unique four-vehicle solution to help in its fight against organized crime. The vehicular task force will be equipped with advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, giving the Federal Police proactive capability against increasingly sophisticated methods used by organized crime organizations.

The project is worth $ 7.5 million for Plasan.

Plasan worked closely with Atech to develop the mission profile and concept of operation for the Brazilian Federal Police. The result is a task force, based on several types of vehicles, carrying out different parts of the mission: ISR, Command and Control, rapid response and intervention.

The armored vehicles are covert, resembling ordinary vehicles. They feature sophisticated surveillance, detection and communications equipment, as well as Atech command-and-control system.

Plasan’s integrated armor protection gives crews and vehicles enhanced survivability with impressive maneuverability and capability on all types of terrains and in various climates. Secure communication between vehicles simplifies command-and-control tasks.

The armored vehicles also feature Plasan’s Vehicle Integration Platform (VIP) which allows easy and rapid integration of different sensors and systems into the vehicle by providing a common and standard platform for all the different systems. With the VIP the vehicle sensors and systems share information and data collected by the sensors. This solution complies with the latest Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) standards.

Known for its “mission ready” solutions, Plasan was selected for its unique experience, mission perspective and global experience.

“Plasan is delighted to be working with Atech and Embraer, the well-known defense industry leader. Thanks to their strong local presence, and our history of mission-ready performance, we created a solution for the Federal Police. We are integrating highly sophisticated armor, communications, surveillance and other solutions into vehicles that look like regular vehicles. The police can use these vehicles to fight organized crime and enhance public safety. This is our second major contract in Brazil in the past few months. We look forward to expanding our activities in this region,” said Dani Ziv, CEO of Plasan.