Perspecta receives $62 million NGEN extension

Perspecta Inc. of Chantilly, VA announced on April 2 that it has received a four-month, $62 million extension to its current Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy to continue providing end-user hardware services.

With this extension, Perspecta will deliver various end-user hardware services through July 2020, providing additional time for the orderly transition of those services to the NGEN-R End User Hardware (EUH) contract.

Under the current NGEN program, Perspecta operates the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), the world’s largest intranet, with approximately 300,000 seats representing 700,000 Navy and Marine Corps uniformed and civilian users, largely within the continental United States.

“We know firsthand how complex any transition on this network can be and remain committed to providing uninterrupted service to the Sailors and Marines that depend on us,” said Mac Curtis, president and chief executive officer, Perspecta. “The Navy and Marine Corps can continue to count on us for steadfast support and dedication to their mission, which we have provided them for nearly two decades. We look forward to leveraging our knowledge and experience to support their evolving needs.”

Source: Perspecta