PCTEL launches newest member of GNSS antenna portfolio

PCTELPCTEL, Inc of Bloomingdale, IL announced December 30 the launch of its new SkyCompass™ Dual MIMO LTE antenna for high data rate applications such as direct video feeds and broadband connectivity for commuters. This antenna is ideal for high-speed rail, fleet, and other transportation modes.

The SkyCompass series comprises six new configurable antenna platforms, including single band and multiband GNSS options that address the majority of rail and fleet management installation needs. The antenna features new ultra-ruggedized design and housing, outstanding electrical efficiency performance, high isolation between elements, and pattern consistency. In addition, as wireless routers adopt MIMO, the antenna’s inherent MIMO capabilities protect a network’s investment in cellular and, more specifically, LTE installations.

“MIMO and efficiency with optimized patterns enable high throughput in performance critical mobile applications for public safety, fleet and rail markets,” commented Rishi Bharadwaj, Vice President and General Manager of PCTEL’s Connected Solutions. “PCTEL’s innovations continue to deliver high performance antennas in robust, easy-to-install housings,” added Bharadwaj.

Source: PCTEL