Parsons introduces Parsons X

As innovation continues accelerating Parsons Corporation’s growth, the Centreville, VA-based company unveiled a new, central approach on May 18 that unifies its digital organization and moves to a new delivery model that reinforces a data-driven focus to delivering digital-enabled solutions: Parsons X.

Parsons X enhances the company’s decades of digital leadership while unlocking an enterprise approach that drives further efficiency, agility, and digital delivery into the critical infrastructure and national security markets. This unifying step for the company’s digital offerings is focused on delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. Critical infrastructure’s digital revolution sparked the need for previously unthought of solutions – like cyber hardening and digital planning – that inevitably lead to the improved safety, security, sustainability, and efficiency of global society.

“Infrastructure is society’s user interface to the planet. It connects people, grows communities, and advances our lives, whether we’re driving on a highway or flying goods across the country,” said Peter Torrellas, president of connected communities for Parsons. “Parsons X delivers the digital upgrade to that interface across our core national security and infrastructure markets, empowering our customers to unlock greater capacity and capability, and imagine their next opportunities.”

Bringing together innovation from around Parsons, including state-of-the-art cyber solutions, federating data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and digital twins, Parsons X is a digital accelerator designed to deliver faster, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable infrastructure and national security solutions to customers, the company said.

This alignment of capabilities continues the company’s legacy as an innovative industry leader delivering on the toughest infrastructure challenges. With product solutions like Paradim® delivering a software-agnostic asset and data management platform; expertise in leveraging augmented and virtual reality during the design process, low code, and building information management; and a customized menu of partner solutions to choose from, Parsons X will blaze new trails in the delivery of complex civilian and military infrastructure.

“Our people know from years of experience that unifying software, hardware, data, and cyber solutions at the beginning of an effort produces better outcomes, whether we’re building a satellite or designing a bridge,” said Tim LaChapelle, chief digital officer for Parsons X. “As a new beacon of digital innovation, Parsons X will illuminate the path as our experts work to push the industry forward and deliver the technology-enabled solutions that our customers need, and the future demands.”

While Parsons X extends throughout the enterprise, the inaugural innovation center of excellence will be in the company’s PALADIN Lab on the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Md. PALADIN is an innovation incubator owned and operated by Parsons that bridges industry, academia, critical infrastructure, and the Department of Defense. The unique positioning of the lab collocated with a hub of the U.S. Army’s innovation programs drives successful, innovative synergies to deliver mission-critical technology integration across the national security sector. The more than 9,000 sq. ft. facility is open access and provides industry partners, academia, and customers the opportunity to evaluate, integrate, build, and imagine new possibilities to advance their missions in a physical and virtual sandbox environment – all enabled by both cloud and on-premises computers, scalable network infrastructure, and an operational backbone that makes anything possible.

Source: Parsons

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