Parsons acquires Secure Mission Solutions, a consultant to Intelligence Community


Secure Mission Solutions Secure Mission Solutions (SMS), which is owned by RLH Equity Partners, has been acquired by Parsons Corporation.

SMS provides integrated security consulting solutions to agencies of the U.S. Government, with a particular focus on assisting the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, the military health system and select civilian agencies.

The company’s services help its government clients defend against and avoid disruptions in operations from cyber-attacks, theft, and physical damage. Parsons Corp. is a privately held engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm which generated $3 billion of revenue in 2013. With over 14,000 employees, Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets, including transportation, defense/security, environmental/infrastructure, and resources.

In the past four years, SMS has become an active provider to the federal government of cyber and electronic security solutions, an area that has been widely recognized as one of America’s highest priorities for national defense. This positioning has enabled the SMS team to earn many sizable federal contract awards in support of vital missions, such as protecting military data networks and securing key elements of the nation’s critical infrastructure.