Air Force releases IAFNOS-2 RFP

On September 22, the U.S. Air Force released the solicitation for the Integrated Air Force Network Operations and Services (IAFNOS)-2 requirement. Proposals are due by 2:00 p.m. Eastern on October 21.

The procurement’s goal is to provide support services to operate and assure the availability of the Air Force Information Network (AFIN) to enable war-fighter mission execution.

The scope of the IAFNOS-2 effort is to provide support services to operate and assure the availability of the Air Force Information Network (AFIN) to enable war-fighter mission execution. The AFIN comprises multiple networks and is evolving. It currently includes the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication Systems (JWICS) network, the AF Network (AFNET) and its underlying Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) as well as the evolving AF Network-Secure (AFNET-S) and its underlying Air Force’s and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet). Increasingly, AFIN operations is starting to work in coordination with commercially provided networks as well.

With regards to expected workload, there will likely be increases and decreases throughout the duration of this contract. For example, this contract will need to track to the Air Force (AF) strategy to outsource enterprise IT. In particular, the Enterprise Information Technology as a Service (EITaaS) is examining how the Air Force can best leverage commercial vendors to provide core services. EITaaS is focusing on three lines of effort: Network as a Service (base area network and wide area network), End User Services (end devices and user service desk), and Storage and Compute as a Service (base-level data centers).

EITaaS is expected to free up AF resources from conducting network operations to focusing on supporting and defending mission critical systems and services. Likewise, the SIPRNet Modernization efforts may consolidate current legacy MAJCOM SIPRNet enclaves/domains into a single new AFNET-S domain. It will also establish enterprise core services for this new domain that will be operated under a separate contract for at least an initial period. IAFNOS-2 support will likely include helping to navigate the cutover of services to “as-a-service” providers as these initiatives progress.

As models of interaction with commercial network providers develop, IAFNOS-2 support may re-align as the Government side of network operations morphs into new roles and capabilities, especially in support of protection and defense missions. Also, in the event that 688 Cyberspace Wing (CW) reorganizes, as is being considered, scope statements related to “690 COG AOR” may be adjusted to preserve the scope intent and to track to any new 690 COG-related organizational alignment. Task assignments for particular units will be clarified with the intent of affecting no net increase or decrease in overall workload with such realignment.

Also, as the 616 Operations Center (OC) stands up within the 16 Air Force (AF), new cross-domain/cross-weapon system interactions may be established that may require changes in contractor-supported AFIN operations under this contract. Support for AFIN terrain such as JWICS or the Air National Guard may be incorporated into this contract at a later date if Air Force network operations consolidate over time and tasking and resourcing is aligned with 688 CW.

Review the full IAFNOS-2 RFP.

Source: SAM

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