PARC spins off Metawave

PARC, a Xerox company, announced on August 8 that it is spinning off Metawave Corporation — a breakthrough wireless technology start-up, which builds technology solutions based on engineered metamaterials and artificial intelligence (AI). Bringing its team of core researchers, known industry leadership, and the legacy of Palo Alto, CA-based PARC, Metawave will commercialize smart beamsteering antenna systems for autonomous vehicles and 5G markets. Incubated at PARC, Metawave secured significant initial seed funding from leading investors in Silicon Valley and New York.

Dr. Maha Achour, Metawave’s CEO and Dr. Bernard Casse, CTO founded the company with the vision of disrupting the status quo in wireless technology, by merging adaptive metamaterials and AI in order to reach performance and safety levels currently unattainable with today’s technologies. Dr. Achour has 20 years leadership experience in RF, wireless, metamaterial structures, optics, and networking industries in commercial and defense sectors. Dr. Casse brings 10 years of experience commercializing fundamental science, and has pioneered the innovative beamsteering technology with his former PARC metamaterials applied research team.

“This spinoff embodies PARC’s unparalleled commitment to the startup community, and its role in the development and extension of PARC’s world-class innovation ecosystem,” said Metawave’s CEO Dr. Achour. “Metawave is fundamentally changing the way the automotive industry thinks about radars. We are on a mission to build highly intelligent and high-performing automotive radars capable of true 3D vision, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication.”

Source: PARC