Palantir and Space Force partnership expands

On May 24, Denver, CO-based Palantir Technologies Inc. announced it will support the United States Space Force and United States Air Force by providing its software to the critical missions of the Department of the Air Force (DAF), Space and Missile Systems Center’s Cross-Mission Ground & Communications Enterprise (SMC/ECX), and NORAD-NORTHCOM. This is a firm-fixed-price award totaling $32.5 million.

Palantir will deploy and maintain Palantir as data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform to support SMC/ECX’s Space Command and Control program element, including operational users at both the National Space Defense Center and the Combined Space Operations Center.

Department of the Air Force’s Project Brown Heron will use Palantir to provide the U.S. Air Force senior leadership with a continuously improving operational readiness analytics platform by integrating disparate data sources from across the Service. This will improve the DAF’s readiness in a variety of mission-critical areas, cutting across organizational and functional silos.

Additionally, Palantir will support NORAD-NORTHCOM’s Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) transformation, ingesting and modeling high-scale data to support comprehensive and collaborative operational planning and execution.

“I’m excited about this partnership and the work we are doing to provide better data-driven decision making to our leadership. Palantir’s technology and framework has truly accelerated our ability to remove data stovepipes throughout the community and create actionable knowledge,” said Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, the senior materiel leader for Space C2 at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center.

Palantir has a long tradition of providing cutting-edge technology to the country’s armed forces. It previously worked with the Space Force in 2020, with a one-year contract to provide a data backbone for the space command and control modernization program, using its Foundry software to help create a common operating picture of space.

“Our nation’s service members deserve the best technology possible to win. It’s an honor to continue our work with the SMC as they deliver mission critical capability to the service,” said Doug Philippone, Palantir’s global defense lead.

Source: Palantir