Owl Computing Technologies applies cybersecurity to database replication with release of its Secure Database Transfer Service

OwlOwl Computing Technologies, Inc., a Ridgefield, CT-based cybersecurity solutions provider, announced on December 15 the availability of the Secure Database Transfer Service (SDTS), Owl’s secure relational database replication application.  Designed for interoperability with all major relational database systems, SDTS has been tested with Oracle 11 and Microsoft’s SQL Server. The SDTS application is deployed in conjunction with Owl’s DualDiode® Technology and facilitates replication of RDBMS data across the security boundary of a network.

Databases have become high profile targets and as enterprises improve their security posture they are designating certain databases as sensitive and building high security domains around them. This includes implementing DualDiode® technology as the next layer of defense beyond traditional firewalls to create secure network domains. Utilizing the DualDiode as the underlying security infrastructure, SDTS uses a proprietary (patent pending) database query algorithm to perform extremely reliable real-time database replication between source and destination databases in these new network security domains.

For example, SDTS could replicate data from a high security source database to a “read only” database on a different security domain, thereby protecting the source from cyberattack but allowing users to access a copy of the data. Highly scalable, SDTS can be configured to query and replicate an entire database or a subset of the database.

SDTS also employs a patent pending automatic backfill of data in the event of network outage, ensuring source and destination databases are synchronized once network operation is restored.

“The release of SDTS again demonstrates how Owl builds on core expertise to provide cybersecurity solutions across different technologies,” said Dr. Ron Mraz, President & CEO of Owl. “By offering scalable replication, automatic backfill and the ability to do complete or partial replication, we address multiple pain points our customers face in securing their databases.”

Source: Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.