OSIsoft PI System selected by US intelligence agency

OSIsoft LLC, headquartered, in San Leandro, CA announced on February 13 its selection by a major U.S. intelligence agency in its use of the PI System to provide real-time monitoring of its control systems. The Enterprise Software Licensing Agreement, along with OSIsoft’s advanced services, will ensure that the agency has the most relevant timely, accurate and predictive system to provide the operational intelligence necessary to meet big data challenges in a secure manner, the company said. As a result of the implementation, the agency is expected to gain millions of dollars in cost savings and increase its cybersecurity capabilities.

“By deploying OSIsoft’s PI System within the most critical data centers, supercomputers and operational facilities, asset-rich agencies are now transforming from disconnected or minimally integrated IT and operational technology (OT) environments into a more secure, unified enterprise,” said Paul Geraci, senior director, intelligence and national security, OSIsoft. “Agency leaders are finally examining their holistic cyber frameworks to achieve IT/OT alignment and eventual integration and security.”

OSIsoft’s PI System architecture is being deployed as a user-friendly, commercial off-the-shelf solution to address unique big data challenges for the intelligence agency, including the support of legacy enterprise operational monitoring and archiving systems. The adoption of the PI System by this intelligence community (IC) member signals a growing need among the IC for operational data intelligence services.

“With mounting cybersecurity risks within the intelligence and national security sectors, especially as the IoT increases threats toward physical systems, OSIsoft is committed to securely delivering immediate and long-term value to support critical situational awareness at the speed of missions,” Geraci said.

Source: OSIsoft