OGSystems launches PeARL Flash

OGSystems (OGS) of Chantilly, VA announced on May 25 the latest updates to the PeARL 3D aerial imaging system and PeARL Flash, their sensor agnostic, 2D/3D enterprise level image processing system.

“There is a persistent need for access to geospatially accurate 3D processing of Full Motion Video (FMV), Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI), Satellite and Airborne Imagery data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Manned Airborne platforms and Space Based platforms,” said Hector Cuevas, associate partner leading OGSystems’ Portland, Oregon operations. “The PeARL product line enables the fusion of multi sensor content into a single, dynamic 3D processing pipeline that continuously delivers the most accurate and high fidelity product into the hands of military, intelligence, civil and humanitarian mission planning teams.”

OGSystems’ PeARL Flash generates user defined, on demand 3D derivative products such as Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models and true color encoded point clouds directly from 2D imagery and allows customers to rapidly process aerial imagery and then view results over a secure internet connection. Companies specializing in aerial image acquisition can upload their data after landing and view seamless, orthorectified maps within hours.

The next generation PeARL 6 sensor provides 4cm ground sample distance (GSD) at a 10,000 ft above ground level (AGL) with nearly a 2,000-yard configurable swath width, resulting in drastic resolution, color and blooming suppression improvement from the previous generation PeARL 5 sensor, and features significantly decreased size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements.

Source: OG Systems