ODNI releases IC data strategy

On July 18, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the Intelligence Community (IC) Data Strategy for 2023–2025. The strategy provides focus areas and actions for all 18 IC elements to accelerate their adoption of common services and efforts to make data more interoperable, discoverable, and artificial intelligence-ready for both people and machines.

Since publishing the first data strategy in 2017, the IC has made progress and continues to improve data discoverability, sharing, and usability across the IC and with our national security partners. To keep pace with the increasingly complex and interconnected global security environment, the IC Chief Data Officer (CDO) and IC element CDOs developed the IC Data Strategy to best position the IC now and in the future.

“The IC Data Strategy directs our collective energy towards making data securely accessible and interoperable across boundaries and domains,” said IC CDO Lori Wade. “Our focus areas will expand our ability to securely discover, access, and leverage the IC’s data at the speed of mission.”

The strategic focus areas for action are:

  • Perform end-to-end data management
  • Deliver data interoperability and analytics at speed and scale
  • Advance all partnerships for continued digital and data innovation
  • Transform the IC workforce to be data-driven

The IC Data Strategy 2023–2025 is available here.

Source: ODNI

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