Oceus Networks wins OUSD 5G contract

Oceus Networks of Reston, VA announced on November 9 that it has been awarded a 5G Cell on Light Truck (CoLT) subcontract from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), which will be used to support research and development for OUSD (R&E). The initial order is for $21 million with options to provide a total of $32 million in equipment and services.

Under the subcontract, Oceus Networks, along with key partner Ericsson, will build 5G test systems for 5G applications. As part of the project, Oceus will deploy Ericsson’s Release 15 3GPP standards-based 5G Core cloud native software enabling standalone 5G, along with 5G New Radio (NR) hardware and software, which fulfill mission-critical grade service requirements. Each system will have specified frequency bands to test the full spectrum in 5G implementations.

Oceus Networks’ Executive Chairman Brad Antle said, “We are excited to bring world-class 5G solutions to the U.S. government.” Jeff Harman, president of Oceus Networks, added, “This award builds on our legacy of providing the best-in-class mobile communication platforms to extend communications to the tactical edge.”

Oceus Networks’ initial delivery for the project will be seven CoLTs configured to test a variety of 5G use cases. Engineering and design for the systems will be conducted out of Oceus Networks’ Plano Lab facilities. The Plano Labs facility specializes in configurations of 5G systems in several form factors and will lead this deliverable. Each CoLT is uniquely configured to test the various bands of spectrum from FR1 to FR2 frequency ranges. Oceus Networks will provide training on how to operate the systems along with providing field support and warranty to sustain the systems.

Source: Oceus Networks