NSA certifies TacNet Tactical Radio from Rockwell Collins

TacNet radio from Rockwell Collins
TacNet radio from Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins’ next generation TacNet Tactical Radio (TTR) has received final National Security Agency (NSA) certification to Top Secret, clearing the way to bring essential situational awareness to all warfighters through the smallest form factor, standalone Link 16 terminal.

“The TacNet Tactical Radio opens up Link 16 networked communications to a wide range of new users and gives warfighters the connectivity they need to successfully complete missions with increased survivability,” said Mike Jones, vice president and general manager of communication and navigation products for Rockwell Collins.

TTR features small size, selectable power output, superior range, integration friendly design requiring no air cooling and adaptability to any warfare environment. TTR is integral to protecting the force by virtue of providing warfighters with a common operating picture through Link 16 networked communications. Platforms and users that can benefit from the radio include unmanned aerial systems, rotary wing aircraft, forward air controllers, military vehicles, mobile and transportable ground stations and small maritime assets that have not previously had access to Link 16 capability.

As the primary joint data link for U.S. and coalition forces, Link 16 provides near real-time, jam-resistant data communications. Link 16 also integrates command and control data including the sharing of targeting and situational awareness data among joint and coalition partners.

TTR features include:

  • Selectable output power with 1-, 50- and 90-watt transmission modes;
  • Free air convection cooling;
  • Volume of less than 185 cubic inches;
  • Weight of less than 10 pounds;
  • Data, imagery and Link 16 digital voice capability;