Northrop Grumman completes US Navy CANES shipboard networking milestone

northrop grumman 112Northrop Grumman Corporation, based in Falls Church, VA, announced June 1 that it has successfully completed the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) program’s design, development and limited deployment phase for the U.S. Navy.

CANES is a programmatic and technical consolidation of five legacy shipboard network programs. CANES provides a modern, common computing environment across the fleet to upgrade cybersecurity, command and control, communications and intelligence (C4I) and streamline logistics.

“We are honored and proud to contribute significantly to this critical component of the Navy’s modernization plan,” said Sam Abbate, vice president and general manager, command and control division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems. “By maximizing commonality, Northrop Grumman has delivered dozens of affordable, highly capable shipsets to enable warfighter information dominance.”

Since winning the contract for the design and limited-production run for CANES in early 2012, Northrop Grumman has delivered 37 shipsets for various ship classes. The company leveraged its cyber expertise to ensure cyber-robust CANES systems. The company also applied its Modular Open Systems Approach-Competitive TM process to encourage continuous competition and achieve the lifecycle benefits of open systems architecture and commercial off-the-shelf components and software.

“The Navy used one of our CANES configurations and applied it to a destroyer and a cruiser, demonstrating the flexibility of our design to reduce network variants by ship class,” Abbate said.

CANES will be installed on all platforms in the Navy’s inventory objective, which includes ships, submarines and land sites. CANES installations have been successfully completed on several aircraft carriers and cruisers and on multiple destroyers. Installations continue on carriers, an amphibious assault ship, landing dock ships, cruisers and destroyers.

Source: Northrop Grumman Corporation