MicroPower Technologies announces strategic alliance with TEW Plus

MicroPower 112MicroPower Technologies Inc., a San Diego, CA-based provider of surveillance solutions optimized for rapid, cost-effective deployment, announced June 1 that it has embarked on a strategic alliance with TEW Plus, a U.K.-based telecommunications and security technology provider serving the transportation and commercial sectors.

The relationship with TEW Plus expands the geographic reach of the MicroPower SOLVEIL integrated solar, wireless surveillance platform into the European market, specifically the United Kingdom. SOLVEIL is well positioned to extend surveillance protection to the transportation and critical infrastructure sectors, including rail and utility services that are often located in remote areas or challenging outdoor perimeter environments. SOLVEIL delivers cost-effective, quick installation for organizations focused on mitigating security threats across their entire infrastructure while also tapping into the benefits of video to optimize operations.

“TEW Plus is excited about the opportunity to offer to our customer base a comprehensive security solution with SOLVEIL HD,” said Dave Farman, Director, TEW Plus. “MicroPower’s unique technology delivers significant benefits to our customers through its ease of installation, sustainable features and significant return-on-investment from cost savings on energy and installation.”

The SOLVEIL surveillance platform is an integrated, highly reliable megapixel solution that delivers high-resolution video coverage in perimeter and outdoor environments. SOLVEIL offers 720p megapixel resolution for detailed image capture and has a configurable frame rate of up to 15 fps. Its wireless design minimizes deployment time, reduces installation complexity and limits business disruption because there is no need for trenching. SOLVEIL also complies with global unlicensed open radio frequencies for reliable operation in a wide array of geographic areas.

“TEW Plus demonstrates unique capabilities that make it a well-chosen collaborator for our global strategy,” said Dave Tynan, Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales. “The success of SOLVEIL depends not only on innovation and quality, but the expertise of our valued resellers. TEW Plus provides a high-level of technical expertise and support to its customers, it clearly understands the value wireless technology brings to its target markets, and is enthused to have the opportunity to bring SOLVEIL to its customer base.”

Source: MicroPower Technologies Inc.