Norse and Splunk join forces to help organizations gain access to ‘dark-threat intelligence’

Norse SplunkNorse, a provider of live threat intelligence solutions, announced on Feb. 12 its integration with the Splunk App for Enterprise Security.

This integration will enable organizations to access Norse Darklist and IPViking dark-threat intelligence through the Splunk security intelligence platform, via either a Splunk add-on for Norse or directly from the Splunk App for Enterprise Security.

Both access methods are now available at the Splunkbase Web site. Norse Darklist is a live, continuously updated list of the highest-risk IPs on the Internet, enabling organizations to protect their network from external bad actors. IPViking provides machine-readable, dark-threat intelligence that can be integrated with an organization’s existing security products and network devices.

Norse and Splunk will co-host a live webinar, which will discuss the current state of advanced malware attacks, APTs and data breaches. The webinar will also demonstrate how the integrated Norse security solutions can help security professionals respond immediately to advanced threats and further reduce the time from intelligence to insight to mitigation.

The Splunk and Norse joint webinar and demo will take place on Thursday, Feb. 13, at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • The value of immediate dark-threat intelligence and its role in preventing data breaches;
  • How Splunk uses on-demand risk-scoring data from Norse for determining threat severity;
  • How Splunk uses re-duplication of threat data to reduce the noise generated by multiple threat feeds.

Interested parties can visit to register, attend and review further information about this Webinar.