NIWC seeks C4ISR prototype projects

Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific (NIWC Pacific), is soliciting proposals in accordance with FAR 35.016, DoDGARS 22.315(a), and DoD Other Transactions (OT) Guide for Prototype Projects for research in areas relating to the advancement of C4ISR capabilities, enabling technologies for Information Operations and Cyberspace Operations, and Information Technology systems.

This announcement is open for 365 days from the original posting date. Any white papers received during that time shall only be considered for award of a contract, other transaction, grant, or cooperative agreement. If the Government intends to award a grant or cooperative agreement, it will issue a Research Announcement (RA).

Proposed research should investigate unique and innovative approaches for defining and developing next generation integratable C4ISR capabilities and command suites. The area topics reflect the interest of the NIWC Pacific, but interest from other Team NAVWAR components could be generated and selections could be made for funding by other than NIWC Pacific.

Excluding offers for other transactions, only offers that are in the areas of basic research, applied research, advanced technology development, and advanced component development and prototypes will be considered (see Appendix A). Testing and optimizing of concepts or prototypes may be necessary. This may involve virtual simulation and/or laboratory as well as at sea measurements.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM