NICE launches video search solution to track people of interest in mere minutes

NICE suspect search When time is of the essence, security and public safety organizations will no longer be overwhelmed by the process of reviewing hours of video to identify and track people, NICE Systems announced on Sept. 22.

The company formally introduced to the market NICE Suspect Search, a new video analytics solution aimed at efficiently searching through multiple video sources to detect targets in a matter of minutes.

Currently searching for a specific person over many cameras and locations and across a broad period of time is a demanding, lengthy, and cost-consuming task that may end up being fruitless.

With NICE Suspect Search, a search for an individual is initiated with a reference based upon a recorded image, an uploaded full body photo, or by creating a composite. The system can simultaneously search for multiple targets in several cameras. By automatically filtering out 95 percent of irrelevant images and presenting the results by relevancy, an hour of video can be reviewed in less than a minute.

NICE Suspect Search can be useful in many use cases, including:

  • Conducting a forensic investigation by analyzing multiple video sources following a crime to identify the perpetrator’s route and actions;
  • Tracking an intruder of a closed area or checkpoint breach;
  • Finding a lost child within a critical window of time;
  • Locating the owner of unattended luggage.

As a result, organizations can optimize their ongoing security and safety operations by:

  • Enhancing forensic analysis of events;
  • Improving response time;
  • Preventing criminal activity;
  • Reducing operational shutdown time.

The system is built on NICE’s IP video management solution, NiceVision, and can be integrated with NICE’s situation management solution, Situator. It is currently deployed in several proof-of-concept (POC) projects around the world, including airports, mass transit, safe cities and major sporting events.