NGA expands on latest GEOINT BAA

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency published a new Broad Agency Announcement topic Feb. 17, seeking innovative solutions that offer revolutionary change to current GEOINT research methods.

The Boosting Innovative GEOINT Research BAA, known as the BIG-R BAA, enables NGA to adopt phased approaches and use multiple contract instruments to target expertise, mitigate risk and create an innovative environment for developing new capabilities. NGA published the primary BIG-R BAA in July 2020.

“At NGA we are working on today’s geospatial intelligence mission, but tomorrow’s mission is also constantly on our minds,” said John Main, PhD, chief scientist for NGA research. “The BIG-R BAA helps us connect with researchers in industry and academia and apply their work to our national security mission.”

The new topic is titled “NGA Research Wide Innovative Seedlings” and points to NGA’s interest in concepts that create new capabilities within the NGA Mission Imperatives: Assured Positioning, Navigation, Timing & Targeting; Accelerated Tasking Orchestration; Data Access/Integrity; and Analytic Workflow Modernization.

NGA will evaluate proposed concepts in the context of the agency’s research focus areas: Analytic Technologies, Foundational GEOINT and Advanced Phenomenologies.

Submit classified abstracts and proposals through the Acquisition Research Center (ARC) website at and send a separate email notification to to ensure receipt. Submit unclassified abstracts and proposals through, solicitation number HM0476-20-BAA-0001, or Send questions to

Source: NGA