NCIS seeks behavioral interviewing expert for training need

NCISOn January 4, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) posted the following solicitation for contractor support for conducting specialized interview training, focusing on behavioral information collection and techniques, which have been shown to be required for assessing the potential violence and/or national security risk a person of concern may pose (Solicitation Number: N6328516T0281). Bids are due on January 8.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) requires contract instructional services to conduct specialized behavioral and protective intelligence/threat assessment interview training to enhance NCIS’ ability to more effectively and efficiently gather the relevant information required for analyzing and managing potential threats. Training shall be presented at NCIS Headquarters at the Russell-Knox Building (RKB) located in Quantico, VA. These training services shall focus on interview tactics, information elicitation and behavioral aspects of interviewing through lectures, interactive simulated case studies, social media site and contractor provided videotaped interview to be used in practical exercises.

This specific block of instruction shall cover concepts related to threat assessment and management principles in the context of extracting information during interviews in order to ascertain the level of concern the interviewee may pose for violence and/or a national security risk. Instruction shall be provided on how to conduct challenging interviews of individuals who may pose a violence and/or national security threat. This training shall provide students with hands-on practical experience, offering the opportunity to enhance the ability to established rapport, navigate a difficult interview of a person of concern and how to successfully obtain critical information that will allow better assessment of the situation.

Each case study shall be designed to deepen interest of interviewing techniques and the process of conducting threat assessment investigations. Each case study shall incorporate the psychodynamics of a specific mental illness/disorder, situations involving domestic violence/stalking, homicidal ideations related to workplace violence and a direction of interest to a Department of the Navy (DON) asset, but shall also be adjusted during the action to meet the appropriate skill level of the interviewing teams. The contractor will use an interactive behavioral simulation method, for use with law enforcement, to emphasize and integrate complex threat assessment and protective intelligence concepts as well as newly acquired skills.

Full information is available here.

Source: FedBizOpps