Blue Star Software hires Alexa Watson as director of employee engagement

Blue StarBlue Star Software of Falls Church, VA announced on February 18 that Alexa Watson has joined the company as Director of Employee Engagement. Watson’s role will include recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees, with a focus on engineers with experience in software, systems and security engineering. Watson will also be working to ensure that, as the company grows, the core values that shape Blue Star’s corporate culture remain intact.

Watson brings 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry to Blue Star. Throughout her career she has delivered superior results by developing strong employer brands that effectively attract skilled technical staff to work on government contracts with Federal agencies and the Intelligence Community (IC). Most recently with G2, a privately held government contractor, she has also worked for Proteus Technology and BoxTone.

“What I love most about Blue Star is that it’s a small, authentic company,” said Watson. “Our team is unified by a common enthusiasm for technology and our engineers take great pride in the work product they deliver to our customers. The company prioritizes people over maximization of profit, and it shows! Annual retention rates higher than 90% indicate that a healthy bottom line isn’t the company’s only priority. Something far more meaningful is happening here!”

“We are excited to have Alexa join Blue Star,” said Daniel Sherwell, CEO of Blue Star Software. “We are seeing a significant increase in customer demand and predicting substantial growth, which means we need to recruit at a higher level and faster pace than ever before. However, as we expand our team of technologists we need to ensure that we maintain our strong company culture. Alexa will help us take our recruiting to the next level while keeping employees engaged and energized.”

Source: Blue Star Software