NC4 announces Cyber Threat Exchange for leading defense organizations

NC4 112NC4, an El Segundo, CA-based leader in revolutionizing safety and security, announced on April 2 that it is supporting the Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE, also known as the DIB-ISAO) to provide its Cyber Threat Exchange Solutions for cyber threat information sharing. NC4 operates Cyber Threat Exchanges for over 30 trusted communities serving over 3,000 companies, government organizations, and 16,000 IT security professionals.

Cyber information sharing among trusted professional communities is becoming increasingly important as noted by recent White House and Congressional activities. The White House focused on cyber threat sharing in the State of the Union, a Cyber Summit, and executive orders. Senate and House congressional committees are also working on cyber threat information sharing legislation.

NC4 is the leading operator of Cyber Threat Exchanges for trusted communities such as:

  • US-CERT, a DHS organization, which leads efforts to improve the nation’s cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks to the nation.
  • The leading financial services organizations – through FS-ISAC, the only industry forum for collaboration on critical security threats facing the global financial services sector.

“We are pleased to be supporting DSIE in their cyber sharing initiatives to help protect our critical infrastructure,” remarked Jim Montagnino, NC4 President and CEO. “The work being done by this key community shows the importance of building circles of trust and in working together to collectively build a safer nation.”

The DSIE is comprised of Defense Industrial Base members who pioneered solutions to the challenges of building trust across organizational boundaries. The focus of the organization is to share information and mitigation strategies on cyber related attacks. DSIE uses the NC4’s Cyber Threat Exchange to quickly notify members about critical cyber threat information.

“Part of DSIE’s success is attributed to the personal relationships and the confidentiality with which we collect and share cyber threats,” says Wayne Boline, Chairman of the DSIE Board of Directors. “Using the information sharing mechanism operated by NC4 allows us to exchange information in real-time on all aspects of a cyber threat and to collaborate quickly with members to mitigate the impact of a cyber-attack.”

For over a decade, NC4 has been at the forefront of operating the most successful cyber exchange communities in the world. NC4’s Cyber Threat Exchange solutions have been operationally proven in reducing cyber-attacks across key private communities involving more than 3,000 companies. NC4 also helps with cyber information sharing with a number of public sector organizations. In total, NC4’s cyber sharing solutions are trusted and in use by over 16,000 cyber professionals across 30 communities. NC4 has a long and successful history delivering solutions for the Aerospace and Defense industry. Currently, five of the six largest Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense companies rely on NC4’s physical threat information for their operational risk management programs.

Source: NC4