Navy seeks vendor services to support its airborne anti-submarine warfare efforts

Anti-submarine warfare airborne The Naval Air Warfare Center at Lakehurst, NJ, expects to issue a formal solicitation in July for support services to enable Airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare Intelligence (AAI) activities under a program that was formerly known as Project Beartrap.

The selected contractor will provide spares and fabrication support for AAI airborne, laboratory and other collection systems, explains a presolicitation notice published by the Navy on June 27. “The contractor also shall support AAI tactics development, field intelligence and development testing, data acquisition and data reconstruction,” says the notice.

The vendor will work closely with the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF) Weapons Tactics Unit (WTU) and Commander Pastrol and Reconnaissance Group (CPRG) in the development of AAI systems emplyede by anti-surmarine warfare aircrews.

The Navy envisions a one-year base contract plus four one-year options. Further information is available from Cynthia Mollo at 732-323-7226 or