Missile and Space Intelligence Center wants help on ‘defensive system analysis’

Missile and Space Intelligence CenterThe Missile and Space Intelligence Center at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama is looking for a wide range of “Defensive Systems Analysis” services that could help the Defense Intelligence Agency assess various defensive system components, such as radars, seekers, directed energy weapons, sensors, launchers, decoys and missile-related subsystems.

The requirement for scientific and technical intelligence analysis was spelled out in a special notice published by the Missile and Space Intelligence Center on January 23.

“The contractor shall develop digital models/simulations of defensive systems and computer-based analytical tools needed to assess foreign defensive system capabilities and vulnerabilities,” explains the notice.

The Intelligence Center envisions a three-year base period, plus two one-year option periods.

In a lengthy section on technical requirements, the Intelligence Center lists the support services it plans to acquire, including systems analysis, sensor subsystem analysis, weapon subsystem analysis, scientific and technical intelligence data analysis, regional and operational intelligence analysis, future systems and technology assessment, and much more.

Further information about this notice is available from Helen Austin at 256-313-7680 or helen.austin@msic.dia.mil.