Mattermost integrates with Microsoft Azure and Mobius Logic

On October 24, Palo Alto, CA-based Mattermost Inc. announced new solutions for accelerating mission-critical work with AI and large language model (LLM) technologies in collaboration with Microsoft and Mobius Logic.

The combined offering provides a highly customizable, AI-enhanced “secure collaboration hub” for operational and technical organizations running ChatOps, out-of-band communications, incident response and Dev/Sec/Ops use cases in complex military environments.

The solution stack is built on the Mattermost OpenOps AI experience platform connected across Microsoft’s core platform services including Microsoft Azure AI Services, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Teams. The hub offers a highly interoperable collaboration experience with advanced levels of customization, integration, AI-acceleration and deployment across private cloud, public cloud and air-gapped networks.

Mattermost provides a highly customizable, secure collaboration platform supporting mission-critical work in organizations across the DoD, including the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command, U.S. Air Force Research Lab and Platform One. The platform offers cloud-native deployment across public cloud and government cloud environments, private cloud, on-prem and down to “data-center-in-a-box” systems supporting out-of-band communications. It’s built on an open source platform offering full data control and data custody, with layered extensibility to enable organizations to meet advanced mission-specific needs.

Mobius Logic delivers AI expertise and innovation as a leading service provider across the Mattermost and Microsoft platforms. They provide AI acceleration capabilities and support for Microsoft’s Azure AI Services, enabling public sector teams to tap into AI enhancements and execute them directly into their workflows when deployed through the Mattermost platform. Mobius Logic’s partnership with Microsoft also enables teams to deploy Microsoft’s domain-specific Dev/Sec/Ops and AI tools within Mattermost, delivering all capabilities in one place.

Microsoft offers a foundational software and services platform for DoD, including Azure AI Services for industry-leading trust, data control and data privacy support required to meet the strict security requirements faced by military and government agencies. Built for enterprise use and recognized as a market leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services, the platform enables responsible development of rapidly evolving AI and LLM offerings for mission-critical operations.

Working closely to deliver interoperability, this combined solution from Mattermost, Mobius Logic and Microsoft will enable defense and government organizations to facilitate the rapid integration of AI-enhanced workflows and tailor solutions to their unique needs.

“Collaboration is the foundation of all mission critical work,” said Ian Tien, CEO of Mattermost. “Today’s announced collaboration brings together vital technology and service providers to apply transformative new cloud and AI technologies in speeding decision advantage and mission success in service of warfighters. I am incredibly excited to expand the value we’re jointly delivering with Mobius Logic and Microsoft.”

Source: Mattermost

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