MAG Aerospace acquires Avenge, Incorporated

MAG Aerospace of Woodbridge, VA announced on November 9 that it has acquired Avenge, Incorporated. This acquisition adds over 100 aviation specialists, system operators, and flight operations management professionals to MAG, enhancing MAG’s already robust Manned ISR Operations and Training capabilities.

Avenge, founded in 1999, is a Sterling, VA-based, veteran-owned aerospace company specializing in Manned ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Operations and Training. Avenge has amassed over 400,000 hours of fixed-wing ISR operations experience and also offers pilot and sensor operator flight training for US military personnel and foreign partners.

“We have admired Avenge for years as a recognized industry leader in providing Manned ISR services,” said Joe Fluet, MAG CEO. “Avenge’s proprietary training program for special mission pilots will allow MAG to provide even better service to our customers who are doing critical work around the world. We are proud to add Avenge’s team of experienced professionals to the MAG family as we continue to set the standard for ISR operations, manned and unmanned.”

Source: MAG Aerospace