iGov and Trivalent partner to secure classified and sensitive government data

iGov, based in Reston, VA, and Annapolis, MD-based Trivalent announced a partnership on May 15 to provide iGov’s Federal clients with data protection that goes beyond traditional encryption. The combination of iGov’s full-lifecycle enterprise and tactical solutions and Trivalent’s data protection software, Trivalent Protect™, enables iGov’s government customers to quickly implement low latency and highly transparent data security and privacy protection on their Windows and Android platforms.

Trivalent Protect applies data protection directly at the file level, protecting all file types on Windows and Android platforms. Through its unique process of shredding and secure storage, in addition to encryption,  Trivalent Protect™ transforms the properties of data. This transformation of data, also called Data Alchemy, safeguards vital data in real-time by ensuring it is wholly unrecoverable to unauthorized users.

Trivalent has selected iGov, a prime systems integrator and Value-Added Reseller specializing in mission-centric C4I solutions, to be a distributor of Trivalent Protect. iGov serves customers across the government sector, all of which are required to meet rigorous NSA security requirements to minimize exposure of classified or sensitive data. Through its partnership with Trivalent, iGov’s clients have access to the only data-at-rest (DAR) solution to achieve NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) certification.

“iGov is proud of producing tangible, measurable benefits for the nation’s C4I systems through leading-edge technology. When we discovered Trivalent’s proven solution, we immediately saw a valuable opportunity to provide our customers with mission-critical protection of the nation’s most sensitive data,” said Chuck Reiche, corporate VP of business development at iGov. “iGov is pleased to offer next generation data protection under its portfolio of contracts, as needed, to critical data in high-threat environments regardless of network connectivity.”

“We are proud to be part of iGov’s exclusive security solutions for teaming partnerships,” said Rick Bueno, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Trivalent.  “We believe our extensive research and development in next generation data protection raises the bar against the ongoing arms race with nation-state hackers.  iGov’s clients will now be empowered with protections that help ensure their data remains secure from unauthorized users even in the event of a data breach or device theft or loss.”

Source: iGov