IDenTV awarded US Air Force SBIR Phase II contract

IDenTV of McLean, VA announced on Apri 25 that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract by the U.S. Air Force via their AFWERX innovation program. The contract will support adaptation of IDenTV’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based, advanced video analytics platform, named VideoJuicer, to meet Air Force requirements, and its integration into the U.S. Intelligence Services’ Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) environment.

The 15-month contract, sponsored by Twenty-Fifth Air Force (25th AF), follows a successful Phase I feasibility study IDenTV conducted under the AFWERX/AFRL Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiative. Twenty-Fifth Air Force is the Air Force’s primary Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance organization supporting Air, Space, and Cyber warfighting capabilities.

In Phase II, IDenTV is teaming with RAZ Logic to collaborate and integrate with the Air Force to gather requirements for a variety of problem sets. The target is to provide intelligence analysts with readily available capabilities such as facial recognition; detection of objects, weapons, activities, and illicit content including extremist speech; and highly accurate Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation and transcription.

The ultimate goal of this project is for 25th AF analysts to gain advantages using VideoJuicer’s capabilities to turn enormous volumes of data into actionable insights and expedite intelligence dissemination to the war-fighter.

Dr. Denis Delaney, 25 AF Advanced Programs Operations, believes the partnership of IDenTV and 25 AF will provide the best return possible on the AFWERX investment and “provide the AF with computer vision tools to enable analysts to accomplish twice as much work in half the time with a high-level of confidence and accuracy.”  

“We are honored to be awarded the opportunity to move on to Phase II of this important SBIR initiative, which has significant potential to enhance intelligence activities for the Twenty-Fifth Air Force,” said
IDenTV’s Federal Project manager Nikki Maquindang. Such a highly innovative technology as computer vision holds great promise for strengthening national security, providing the unprecedented ability to quickly and accurately extract and analyze large volumes of digitized images and sounds. We’re thrilled that the Twenty-Fifth Air Force has chosen VideoJuicer for further research on how this leading-edge technology can support its critical intelligence mission.”

Source: IDenTV