Idemia launches MFace Flex

Idemia of Las Vegas, NV announced on September 5 the launch of Idemia MFace Flex. Optimizing speed, accuracy and efficiency, MFace Flex is a frictionless facial biometrics solution that streamlines the experience of individuals at high traffic locations, including airports, sports arenas,  theme parks, and other event venues. MFace Flex is capable of recognizing multiple faces in industry-leading time without requiring individuals to stop, touch, or interact with the identification system.

Because the MFace Flex solution allows individuals to keep moving throughout the identification process, the solution is especially effective for the secure and efficient processing of large groups. By design, MFace Flex minimizes deployment cost by eliminating the need of specialized biometric capture equipment and increases customer’s ROI with the flexibility of reusing existing infrastructure wherever possible. MFace Flex can solve identification challenges in a wide range of environments, including commercial transportation, event venues, stadiums, theme parks and gaming venues. 

Idemia’s MFace Flex was among the top performers in the 2019 Biometric Technology Rally, hosted in May of this year by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). The performance of the MFace Flex exceeded the DHS-established rally goals for both efficiency and satisfaction. The product’s performance solidified the company’s position as a trusted provider of secure, scalable, adaptable solutions, with decades of proven success deploying biometric systems for the travel segment.

“We are encouraged by the robust performance of MFace Flex at the rally, which offers a unique, real-world testing environment and provides us with invaluable data we can use to further enhance our products,” said Donnie Scott, senior vice president, public security for North America at Idemia. “We applaud DHS S&T and its partners for conducting the Biometric Technology Rally. This event has become a critical venue for qualified Biometric Solution providers who are serious about continual, long-term innovation. Seamless travel experience provides real economic and productivity benefits that directly impact traveler satisfaction and loyalty. MFace Flex is specifically designed to transform the travel experience by making key travel touch points as frictionless as possible.”

Source: Idemia