GuardianSat awarded satellite-based countermeasure patent

On June 15, Bethany Beach, DE-based GuardianSat announced the award of patent 11662183 for an integrated countermeasure system on satellites which autonomously neutralizes ground, air and space-based anti-satellite attacks. Since GuardianSat’s launch in 2020, it has continued to pursue solutions for space domain awareness and defense. The new technology aligns with GuardianSat’s founding principle of protecting and preserving space by eliminating threats to satellites with space domain defense systems.

The expansion of space commerce has made satellites an essential component of commercial and military infrastructure. However, adversarial nations pose a threat to these satellites as they are valuable targets that can disrupt the Intelligence Community and space economy.

The development and testing of anti-satellite weapons have gone mostly unchecked, making it difficult to defend against them due to the short time between deployment and impact. GuardianSat is responding to these growing threats by developing a self-contained anti-satellite weapon countermeasure system that can neutralize hostile attacks from the ground, air, and space leveraging this patented technology.

Source: GuardianSat

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