Google Public Sector announces Top Secret and Secret cloud authorization

On April 9, Google Cloud Next announced the authorization of Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDC Hosted) to host Top Secret and Secret missions for the U.S. Intelligence Community, and Top Secret missions for the Department of Defense (DoD). This authorization underscores Google Public Sector’s commitment to empowering government agencies with secure, cutting-edge technology.

GDC Hosted is an air-gapped cloud solution built specifically for stringent security requirements, allowing U.S. intelligence and DoD agencies to host, control, and manage their infrastructure and services in a highly secure environment, while leveraging the power of advanced cloud capabilities like data analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Public Sector customers require the highest level of assurances for data protection. With this in mind, Google developed GDC Hosted with a security-first approach, leveraging Zero Trust principles, Google best practices, and the latest federal guidelines, according to the company. GDC Hosted enables U.S. government customers to gain access to integrated cloud services, including compute, storage, and advanced AI tools from Google Cloud.

GDC Hosted is designed around Google Cloud’s open cloud strategy and uses leading open source components in its platform and managed services. This openness includes support for managed open source services.

Source: Google Public Sector

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