Accenture Federal, Google Public Sector unveil data and ai CoE

On April 4, Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector announced that they have launched a Data & Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence to support federal agencies with modernizing citizen services with solutions purpose-fit for federal agencies, including Google Cloud generative AI technologies. The Data & AI Center of Excellence supports sensitive and classified workloads, while meeting regulatory compliance needs through secure data management platforms and assets.

“The ability to use optimal large language models to synthesize, analyze, and contextualize data in a responsible and ethical way offers boundless opportunities for the federal government to jumpstart new capabilities and transform their operations,” said John Goodman, CEO of Accenture Federal Services. “We look forward to helping clients rapidly prototype, build, automate, and scale AI to speed content discovery and summarization, modernize interactive call center chat, and ultimately deliver more intuitive and seamless end user experiences.”

Signaling the next phase of an expanded strategic alliance between Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector, the Data & AI Center of Excellence delivers mission-focused expertise, specialized data and AI experts, and access to cutting-edge technologies including Google’s language models, Vertex AI platform, and AI-optimized infrastructure. Clients will also have access to Google Cloud’s AI-powered code generation tools to streamline the software development processes.

“Federal agencies are rich with data, and many require cutting-edge data management capabilities to successfully deploy and unlock the tremendous potential of AI,” said Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector. “Google was built on pioneering AI research and the principle of making the world’s data accessible and useful. We’re thrilled to co-launch the Data & AI Center of Excellence, empowering clients with state-of-the-art capabilities to deliver successful mission outcomes.”

Source: Accenture Federal

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