Gigamon enhances GigaVUE-OS software platform

Gigamon 112Gigamon Inc., a Santa Clara, CA-based traffic visibility solutions leader, announced on July 28 the availability of version 4.4 of its market-leading visibility software, GigaVUE-OS®.  This release is at the heart of Gigamon’s Unified Visibility Fabric and GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform offerings and offers a range of new security, session intelligence, inline bypass and advanced carrier-specific capabilities.

“Networks have become the most critical of business and IT assets, and now more than ever, having strong security and pervasive visibility into all network traffic is paramount,” said Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President of Product Line Management at Gigamon. “These new GigaVUE-OS capabilities enable customers to deploy GigaSECURE, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, which provides pervasive visibility of network traffic, users, applications and suspicious activity, and simultaneously delivers it to multiple security devices without impacting network availability.”

New Session Intelligence: Application Session Filtering (ASF),
Application Session Filtering is a new, patent-pending GigaSMART®application that comprises a key pillar of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform. ASF provides a powerful filtering engine that identifies applications based on signatures appearing within packets that form the application flow of network traffic. Once positively identified, ASF extracts the entire session corresponding to the matched application flow from the initial packet to the last packet of the flow, even if the match occurs well after the first packet. This allows an administrator to forward specific “traffic of interest” to security appliances thereby optimizing their operational efficiency and improving overall performance.

The capability is especially useful in extracting entire sessions of interest corresponding to Web applications (such as YouTube, Netflix), business applications (such as database SQL traffic, Outlook emails with attachments) and many others. The ability to filter entire sessions of such traffic significantly enhances the productivity of security appliances.

New Security Features: Enhanced SSL Decryption
As part of continuing expansion of the popular GigaSMART SSL Decryption application released last year, the latest version of software adds support for TLS 1.2, SHA256 and increases the number of supported keys up to 4,000. With SSL traffic accounting for up to a third of all traffic in many networks, and network attacks via SSL expected to grow significantly, decryption of SSL traffic is becoming increasingly important to connected security devices to function more effectively. In addition, the capability to service chain SSL decryption with Application Session Filtering allows security appliances to gain advanced visibility into encrypted sessions flowing throughout the network.

New Security Features: Inline Bypass Advancements
Another key pillar of the Security Delivery Platform is the inline bypass capability that provides the flexibility needed to deploy security functions either inline or out-of-band. GigaVUE-OS 4.4 introduces the ability to perform asymmetric hashing of inline security tool groups. This capability is especially useful for those security tools interested in tracking conversations, such as those from a specific endpoint or conversations to a specific target destination, etc.

Empowering Carriers: New White-Listing and GTP Correlation Capabilities for Intelligent Subscriber Awareness
GigaVUE-OS 4.4 extends the scale of white-listing with support for up to 500,000 subscribers per white list per GigaSMART engine. Mobile carriers can create custom whitelists of specific subscribers using their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) that can be used to identify security threats to a specific subscriber, attach value-added services to a specific subscriber, or conduct real-time analytics for a premium subscriber at scale. Stateful filtering on new EPC interfaces used in an LTE core network as well as traffic corresponding to GTP versions allows mobile providers to implement both intelligent subscriber awareness and advanced filtering to keep up with the growth in mobile traffic.

Source: Gigamon Inc.