GDMS secures NSA VoIP contract

On June 5, Fairfax, VA-based General Dynamics Mission Systems announced that it received a contract from the National Security Agency (NSA) to design and deliver the next generation secure desktop phone. This advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) device will provide improved voice quality, cybersecurity modernization, and new features such as video conferencing in a flexible, modular architecture that reduces total life cycle cost. General Dynamics is a recognized national leader in providing high assurance encryption using the best technology available to protect and defend critical information and national security systems.

“This is a great opportunity to design a future-proof portfolio to deliver trusted, secure voice communication capabilities into the hands of our customers, addressing the ever-changing mission landscape and requirements,” said Stephen Marker, vice president of secure network and voice products in General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Cyber Systems line of business. “Our proven track record demonstrates a profound commitment to our customers, ensures delivery of a resilient portfolio that will withstand emerging adversarial threats, and paves a solid, trusted path to Next Generation Encryption and Cryptographic Modernization.”

General Dynamics will leverage secure voice and high assurance technology investments and expertise from the Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone to build a flexible and modular architecture that will allow for streamlined product development, software upgrades with limited hardware changes, and improved voice quality on disadvantaged networks.

Source: GDMS

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