BlackSky announces international advanced ISR contract

BlackSky Technology Inc. of Herndon, VA announced on June 6 that it was awarded a two-year multimillion dollar ground station infrastructure augmentation contract that establishes the strategic framework for BlackSky’s next major international advanced tactical ISR Ministry of Defense customer.

“BlackSky’s on-demand imagery tasking with low-latency delivery has become an indispensable part of daily operations for our client,” said Brian O’Toole, BlackSky CEO. “This contract reflects strong, sustained client interest in developing the underlying infrastructure to support long term use of BlackSky’s high-frequency, dawn-to-dusk imagery and analytics services.”

BlackSky’s quickly expanding international customer base is experiencing a new age of actionable intelligence for international governments, commercial customers, and non-governmental organizations.

Developing ground station capabilities will enable direct access to the company’s proprietary high-resolution, rapid-revisit constellation through the BlackSky Spectra AI tasking and analytics platform.

“We deliver thousands of images and analytics every month to organizations worldwide, delivering transparency and insights into border crossings, nuclear and port facilities, and other economically critical infrastructure at scale,” O’Toole added.

Source: BlackSky

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