Former FireEye chief architect to head research team at Endgame

Endgame 112Endgame, Inc., an Arlington, VA-based provider of rapid response cybersecurity solutionss, announced on March 11 that James Butler, former FireEye Chief Architect and Chief Researcher at Mandiant, has joined the company as Chief Scientist. In this role, Butler will lead Endgame’s research on advanced threats, vulnerabilities and attack patterns, ensuring that the company’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions give customers the earliest warning, fastest detection and most efficient response to prevent damage and loss.

“As constant changes in technology lead to an increasingly dynamic cybersecurity landscape and more advanced threats, research into the origins, nature and implications of these threats is more important than ever before—yet is too often overlooked by traditional solutions,” said Endgame CEO Nate Fick. “At Endgame, we understand the critical role this research plays in our ability to protect national and commercial interests. Jamie has proven that he has the expertise and forward-looking approach to make significant contributions to the security community. With Jamie at the helm of our unparalleled security research team, we will be able to take our threat intelligence capabilities and our threat detection solutions to the next level.”

Butler has directed research teams at some of the most prominent and successful security companies of the last decade. A recognized leader in attack and detection techniques, he has over 17 years of experience and knowledge in operating system security that will augment Endgame’s ability to identify attack patterns and help its customers better defend against advanced threats. In addition to his roles at FireEye and Mandiant, Butler was a computer scientist at the National Security Agency and co-authored the bestseller Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel. Butler is also a frequent speaker at the foremost computer security conferences and serves as a Review Board member for Black Hat. He co-developed and instructs the popular security courses “Advanced Memory Forensics in Incident Response,” “Advanced 2nd Generation Digital Weaponry,” and “Offensive Aspects of Rootkit Technology.”

“Having worked on some of the most influential security solutions in recent history, I’ve seen a lot of innovative ideas for solving the security problems that continue to plague businesses. The ones that are successful take into account that today’s adversaries more often than not know the network they are attacking as well as the IT department,” explained Butler. “It is easy to see that the approach Endgame is taking to enterprise security addresses this dynamic and will raise the bar for the industry. Today’s intrusions have far-reaching global and economic consequences. Endgame is in a unique position to build solutions that minimize those consequences, and I want to be a part of bringing that vision to fruition.”

Source: Endgame