Forcepoint opens Cyber Experience Center in Boston

Forcepoint announced on April 16 the opening of the company’s new Cyber Experience Center in Boston, which will serve as a cyber innovation and development center for the company as it responds to the accelerated demand for human-centric security worldwide.

Located in the heart of the Boston Seaport Innovation District, the new Cyber Experience Center eight-figure investment is a major step in further establishing Forcepoint as the most trusted cybersecurity partner sought after by large enterprises and global governmental organizations to enable their future. The decision to expand into Boston was driven by the city’s reputation as a premier technology hub, its history of computer science technology development, and the area’s many world-class universities, which produce some of the nation’s top technology talent. The 53,000 square foot facility is Forcepoint’s first location in the greater Boston area.

“Our administration is committed to supporting the growing cybersecurity sector of the Commonwealth’s innovation economy,” said Charlie Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “By supporting a high-tech workforce and creating a competitive environment where companies like Forcepoint can drive further innovation, we will continue to do our part to ensure Massachusetts remains a national leader in this space.”

Cyber Experience Center Showcase and Global Executive Briefing Center

Forcepoint’s new Cyber Experience Center will feature a state-of-the-art Global Executive Briefing Center showcase that offers an innovative, interactive and immersive experience of how a human-centric approach and converged security solutions cultivate a safe and trusting environment in which employees, businesses, and organizations can thrive.

Visitors to the showcase, including senior executives from many of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations, can learn firsthand from Forcepoint’s executives, behavioral-analytics architects, engineers and product leaders how approaching security through a behavior-centric lens is the differentiator needed today to mitigate cyberattacks before they happen.

In the race to take advantage of digital transformation, a $100 trillion competitive advantage opportunity according to the World Economic Forum, every organization is struggling with rapid innovation which is resulting in breaking security architectures. As digital transformation reshapes industries, organizations of all sizes and across industries are rethinking their approach to innovation and how technology can help them compete more effectively. Forcepoint’s Cyber Experience Center showcase helps bring this opportunity to life, enabling organizations to visualize their security challenges in an immersive environment while dynamically mapping tailored Forcepoint security solutions to their unique business needs.

“Reimagining cybersecurity through the lens of human behavior is absolutely critical to securing today’s digital enterprise. The old world of putting up walls or moats around your infrastructure is not suited for today’s world of cloud and mobility. Both the industry and security buyers need to shift their mindset and put people and data at the center of modern security design thinking,” said Matthew Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint. “The new Forcepoint Cyber Experience Center will put on display Forcepoint’s unique behavior-centric approach to solve customers’ most complex security issues as they race towards digital transformation. It is the first-of-its-kind to provide an immersive experience for customers to truly understand today’s evolving threat landscape through the lens of their specific business challenges.”

Global Center of Excellence for Behavioral Analytics

The new Cyber Experience Center will also serve as the inaugural Forcepoint Global Center of Excellence for Behavioral Analytics, which will focus not only on product development to deliver the best possible tools for every business, but also offer state-of-the-art services to every Forcepoint customer. The new global Center of Excellence will innovate and modernize existing applications and solutions while also creating new ones in partnership with the Forcepoint X-Labs behavioral-science research division.

Leading the new Center of Excellence for Behavioral Analytics is Forcepoint Vice President for Analytics Engineering Toby Ryan. In this strategic role, Ryan will operationalize analytics by fusing data science with cybersecurity domain expertise. Using this high-fidelity approach, the Analytics Engineering team will deliver cutting-edge detection methodologies across the Forcepoint portfolio, from endpoint to cloud, helping customers catalyze innovation and solve business challenges in an accelerated fashion.

Source: Forcepoint