Envistacom partners with NOVELSAT

Envistacom, LLC, a leading technology enterprise which delivers advanced communications, cyber and other related services to customers in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities, announced today that NOVELSAT, a global leader in content connectivity via satellite, will incorporate its high-performance satellite access waveforms into Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem (TVE).

Envistacom will deliver an open-architecture ecosystem which will enable virtualized applications such as advanced communications waveforms, encryption, data analytics, and other real-time continuous processing applications to reside in common off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. The Envistacom/NOVELSAT partnership allows commercial and Department of Defense customers to benefit from the ability to download NOVELSAT’s Multi-Access Waveform as an application to be operated on non-proprietary COTS High-Performance Computers (HPCs) acting as a Virtual Modem in Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem.

Envistacom’s ecosystem (TVE) will provide DoD customers with greater cost savings through the use of COTS hardware, faster time to market (TTM), more configurable/adaptable solutions, mix and match capabilities to achieve the best results, and easier sustainment and enhancement efforts providing portability between hardware generations without re-engineering legacy technology.

“NOVELSAT is proud to work with Envistacom to enable the delivery of a virtualized commercial multi-access waveform through Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem for easy customer adoption,” said Aviv Ronai, VP Marketing and Product at NOVELSAT. “Incorporating our proven waveform performance, robustness, and system resiliency into Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem will yield an exceptional solution for mission critical communications.”

The combination of NOVELSAT systems waveforms with Envistacom’s virtualization ecosystem will provide resilient, high-performance, and ubiquitous connectivity for mission-critical applications.

“Envistacom is pleased that NOVELSAT has elected to bring its commercial waveforms to our Transport Virtualization Ecosystem in order to enhance the future of resilient satellite connectivity,” said Michael Young, Envistacom’s Senior Director of Business Development for Advanced Technology. “Adjacent markets have already adopted the notion of virtualization to lighten the logistical and operational burdens of the user. Envistacom looks forward to our partnership with NOVELSAT and their thought leadership in the satellite arena.”

Source: Envistacom