ENSCO acquires Exostrategies

On April 2, Springfield, VA-based ENSCO, Inc. announced it has acquired Colorado Springs, CO-based Exostrategies for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition is part of a growth strategy that will allow ENSCO to expand its capabilities and better serve its aerospace and national security customers in Colorado and across the United States.

Exostrategies implements proactive and disruptive processes, strategies and solutions for the space and intelligence communities, with an emphasis on affordable enterprise transformation. In addition, the Exostrategies Architex product is a cloud-based decision support tool used by many Air Force and intelligence community customers for enterprise modernization and low-risk integrated architecture development.

“The synergy resulting from the joining of the two companies makes this a smart and forward-thinking investment for ENSCO customers, employees and shareholders,” states ENSCO President Boris Nejikovsky. “ENSCO’s capabilities in systems engineering, cybersecurity, verification and validation, and data management partner well with Exostrategies’ expertise in enterprise architecture, agile risk management, modeling and simulation, and lifecycle affordability. With the acquisition, ENSCO bolsters its ability to provide additional support to its existing customers and to expand its customer base by helping organizations mitigate risk and manage evolving threats to critical infrastructure and operations. Exostrategies’ personnel has the requisite skills and clearances and will be a great addition to the dedicated ENSCO team.”

Source: ENSCO