Engility to partner with Department of Defense to safeguard critical technology networks

Engility Holdings, Inc. of Chantilly, VA announced on October 10 that the company won a $28 million contract with the Department of Defense to support its Damage Assessment Management Office and Joint Acquisition Protection and Exploitation Cell to safeguard critical acquisition programs and technologies from foreign exploitation.

“Protecting our weapons systems from foreign hackers is critical to preserving our national security,” said Lynn Dugle, Engility CEO. “We value this opportunity to partner with the DOD to enhance the safety of the warfighter, improve the resilience of our defense systems, and deter, deny and disrupt all cyberattacks.”

DOD technology is complex and requires years of research and development. Keeping that controlled technical information secure is crucial to the success of our military. Engility will work with departments and agencies from the counterintelligence, intelligence and law enforcement communities to assess any existing information exploitation in U.S. defense systems, address vulnerabilities and mitigate future attacks. The program will help protect the government throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

This third quarter 2017 contract win has a cost plus fixed-fee structure with a one-year base and four option years. The win represents new work for Engility and furthers the company’s relationship with small business subcontract partner Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. SPA has been a mission partner of DAMO and JAPEC since 2005 and 2014 respectively, and Engility has served with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering since 2010.

Source: Engility